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December 17-23, 2005

Pale Male Jr - NE corner of Sheep Meadow.

Charlotte - NE Corner of Sheep Meadow.

Jr is on the right.


Charlotte and Jr met up with a third hawk (possibly a baby) and they soared over Sheep Meadow for quite some time. Soon after all three disappeared over toward the Eastside.

Great Horned Owl this evening.

This little sparrow may not attract as much attention as the hawks, but she is no less noble. Her sweet singing and lust for life is continually inspiring to me.

When we overlook an injustice long enough it eventually becomes transparent to our eyes. Here is a big beautiful animal that was born to be free, but in our selfish, thoughtless lust to demonstrate our superiority over all other living creatures we have enslaved him--presently for a mere novelty.
He will never be able to lay down to rest and he will never be able to go where he pleases. He will work for the rest of his life for no reward and his retirement will be death. If he refuses to work he’ll be beaten until he submits. This evil torture is occurring right before our very eyes without shame or concern.
To speak about it hardly raises an eyebrow in some, but this is just wrong and it has to stop - Ninth Avenue & 43rd Street Wednesday evening (Dec 21, 2005).

Lola stands proud and free here on a tree near The Boathouse Restaurant, but all across the country and all across the world beautiful animals like her are caught and shackled in the name of a sport.
The human language will then be used to justify these actions. Since they don’t speak our language how do we let them know that we’re only trying to help them? We don’t...we can only fool each other with our deceitful words, of which the animals at least are spared the anguish of listening.

You can see why the trees eternally reach for the sky with their branches—they desperately try to keep their precious friends away from our reach.

Pale Male looks down on Fifth Avenue between 72nd & 73rd Streets.

Pale Male visits his nest last Sunday evening.

Screech Owl (one of two) on the West Drive.

Red on one of several trees which he calls home.

Red enjoying a quiet moment.

see you tomorrow...

This picture above is best viewed from far...

because it was just heartbreaking to watch Lola pick up the remains of her unhatched eggs on Sunday evening.

Lola flying over 75th & Fifth Avenue

A Kestral visits a tree across from the nest building.

Kestral heading north over the Model Sailboat Pond.

Pale Male sits on Linda#6 (photographed from Fifth Avenue & 72nd Street)

Great Horned Owl discovered in 'The Oven' (a cozy spot in The Ramble) - Sunday December 18, 2005

Pale Male & Lola were flying in front of the Carlyle with a third hawk on Sunday morning. I believe this is Lola on the right and the stranger on the left (there was no perceived hostility)

During the early Fall this little red squirrel spent several weeks collecting his black walnuts for his Winter store. He stored dozens and dozens of these green skinned nuts in a large crevice in his Black Walnut tree in The Locust Grove. A few weeks ago a man was witnessed taking most of these nuts away. When confronted by a woman who knew about the squirrel he responded; "I'm taking them because they taste good!"
How much lower can we sink as a race on this planet?

Near the Red Squirrel - Saturday December 17, 2005

Lola flies over the Model Sailboat Pond - Saturday December 17, 2005

Pale Male observes workmen on The Stovepipe Building (965 Fifth Ave) - Saturday December 17, 2005

One of two screech owls in a London Plane on the West Drive - Saturday December 17, 2005

Saturday December 17, 2005

Enjoying the last of the Fall sunlight - Saturday December 17, 2005