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December 14-18, 2005

Pale Male enjoying a late evening scratch before turning in last Sunday.

Pale Male on The Oreo Building as seen from Screech's nest in The Ramble.

Pale Male & Lola's 'cliff' - photographed on December 13, 2004.

Seagulls were the first birds that I practiced photography on several years ago when I used film--the shots were terrible.

But I always admired their grace and smooth flying skills.

I sure can imagine how this horrible thing happened to this poor animal, but I would love someone to tell me that I'm wrong and that this is some kind of tag purposely placed on this bird.
I wish someone can tell me that I am absolutely wrong in thinking that some deranged human being actually shot a needle straight through the neck of this poor creature, and that it'll have to spend the rest of its life in this condition.

I crouched down on the large rock at Hernshead last Sunday trying to get him to feed close to me so I could grab him, but he never allowed me to get closer than three feet. He ate well and behaved quite normal, but the sight of this object has not left my mind since then. It appears to be some sort of needle which has pierced into the front of his neck and is sticking out the back by at least 3/4".

Why do we feel pleasure in hurting these beautiful animals? There isn't a single day that I sit at the hawk bench and don't see some man, woman or child attempt to do something cruel to an animal--whether it's kicking at a pigeon, setting their dog after a squirrel, or throwing an object at a duck. Some day I'll look up the word 'evolution' and study it's meaning.

If I were to make a wish that they fly far, far away from our wicked reach, then we shall be denied the pleasure which this image brings.