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Cruelty to Pigeons!

Hello fellow bird lovers,

Yesterday was the start of the cruelest pigeon shoot taking place at the Strausstown Gun Club in Pennsylvania, and the day the lowest form of mankind shoots dehydrated, starving and frightened 5 oz. pigeons that are already half dead at a pigeon shoot for sport. Many of the hunters do not kill the pigeons and they are barely left alive. Sometimes children help by catching the missed targets and stomping on them and throwing them in the garbage or wringing their necks. This is man in his lowest form.

Pennsylvania is the last state to permit pigeon shoots, and the Humane Society of the U.S. is attempting to shut them down. Many pigeons are taken from the streets of New York by pigeon poachers who bait and trap the pigeons with nets made specifically to capture wildlife, and cross over State lines into Pennsylvania where they are paid so-much per pigeon.

Please see the three articles in today's Reading Eagle on our blog and posted on our Message Board.

To turn in pigeon netters (state of New York), please call the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Tips Hotline at 800-847-7332 and Dispatch number at 718- 482-4885.

Officer Buckley 718-482-4885, email:

Lieutenant Rivers at 718-482-6431

Officer Toth at 718-482-4985

Officer Joseph Pane at 718-482-4941

Individuals with information may call the HSUS toll-free live pigeon shoot tip line at 1-800-637-4124.

Please visit the Humane Society of the United States to learn more about Pigeon Shoots.

To contact PA government representatives, please click here and scroll down.

The Humane Society of the US is attempting to end Pigeon Shoots through legislation that has been languishing in the Committee since November of 2007 (reference to Humane Society). Please scroll down to the end of this link for pertinent pigeon information.

Please read the Humane Society's letter to the Department of Environmental Conservation, Contact: Heidi Prescott

We urge you to contact the Department of Environmental Conservation (see info above) if you witness a pigeon netting, and please make note of the vehicle description, license plate number, and description of the netter. If you can take his picture, so much the better. Please do not permit him to take the pigeons. Pigeons are easily scared away by throwing a stone or by stomping your foot. Remember, the netters do not want police intervention, so you can always create a scene and they most likely will leave the location. Pigeons are counting on you to help them. Pigeon netting is illegal, so the law is on your side.

Thank you for caring about pigeons.

Anna Dove
New York Bird Club

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