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CPC Polluting Vehicles

Friday December 26, 2014.<

Friday December 26, 2014.<

Friday December 26, 2014.<

Topic: Hazards in the workplace Dear OSHA: Please review the images and video in this link:

The still images show 'Central Park Conservancy' workers driving polluting golf carts and the video shows one worker made to operate a horribly polluting leaf blower.

The CPC is a private organization contracted by the NYC Parks & Recreation Dept. to maintain the facilities and grounds of Central Park in Manhattan NY. CPC workers are compelled to operate machines like this leaf blower as well as other maintenance vehicles which, judging from their putrid fumes, are very poorly maintained. The workers must breathe these unhealthy fumes all through their shifts each day and also cause a great deal of discomfort to visitors of Central Park. The Central Park Conservancy Inc. do very little to phase out these archaic vehicles and replace them with healthier electric versions. The workers who are given the unhealthy vehicles are usually the lower staff members who are too afraid to complain for fear of loosing their jobs. Some workers have known minor criminal records and so they have the greatest fear of making any complaints. Sadly I cannot find anyone who is willing to come forward with an official complaint to you. And I do not want to pressure any worker to jeopardize their job by making a complaint to you. I will try to find someone who is willing to come forward, but until then please review the stills and video I posted on my website to get an idea of the issue at hand.

Thank you, Lincoln Karim (917) 763-4672

Submit Date: 09-APR-15 03:08:21 PM

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