CP Conservancy 2/9/2011

Lincoln Karim
204 W 55th Street #507A
New York, NY 10019

February 9, 2011

Douglas Blonsky

Central Park Conservancy,
14 E. 60th Street
New York NY 10022

Dear Sir:

I am writing to make a few suggestions which I believe can make Central Park's environment cleaner and more enjoyable for all.

Central Park Vehicles

* Please remove all gasoline powered maintenance carts and only implement electric or other more environmentally friendly vehicles.

* Please do not allow any supervisory and or non-maintenance staff to travel around Central Park in large passenger type vehicles, but encourage the use of bicycles and very light electric vehicles for these staff members.

Tree Maintenance:

* Please stop cutting down trees or large limbs in Central Park.
If a tree is dying, please allow Nature to take its course and instead of cutting down the tree post signs near the tree warning that there may be falling branches. The dying tree is a known attractant to moths and butterflies and dead limbs encourage bugs and larvae for birds to feed on.

*If a tree is found with a disease which may spread to another tree please have at least three opinions from unconnected arborists/biologists as to the fate of the tree and have a sign posted to the general public displaying the exact date when the tree will be cut down. The sign should also have telephone and website information where concerned patrons may get further information and also to leave comments about the destruction of the tree.


* Please stop the routine use of all gasolene powered chainsaws and other noisy tools in Central Park. Manual tools should be used at all times to preserve a peaceful atmosphere which can rarely be enjoyed anywhere else in the city. If tools or other equipment cannot be powered with available electric service throughout the park then any other form of power including solar, battery, or power inverters should be used.


* Please force the 'Central Park Paws' organizers to make a thorough inspection of all park grounds to remove all dog feces throughout the day. The Central Park Paws organization should be fined for each incident of uncollected dog feces found in Central Park. Such action will compel this organization to be more responsible for the problems associated with having dogs in Central Park which they mindlessly promote.

On the disposal of dog waste in general it should be disposed of in special collection units which should be then picked up and processed by a professional contractor. All this should be at the expense of the Central Park Paws since they are making a special effort to encourage more dogs in Central Park. Dog waste should not be mixed with regular garbage.

Power Generators:

* Please prohibit the use of all fossil fuel electric generators to be operated in Central Park including power for all activities from small use as in the powering of tools, lights etc to large use for film shoots and special events.
Let the Film/Television permitees know that they are in a delicate and sensitive area and force them to use their creativity to capture their material without the use of excessive lighting etc. Any power required should be limited to available electric service. The magnitude of these events should now be controlled by the available 'clean' power at their disposal.

Hazardous Activities:

Please prohibit the use of lighter than air balloons in Central Park. This should include both latex and mylar balloons. This should be especially made clear in all permits for large and small events in Central Park. At events like concerts and rallies Park Enforcement should intercept all patrons at the entrances of the park and deflate and properly dispose these balloons. If you would like to learn of the hazards these balloons I can supply a list to to you.

All catch and release fishing should be supervised at all times. No fishing should be allowed without the constant presence of a wildlife enforcement agent. Before fishing can commence all hooks must be inspected. Participants must register and have an active membership card with an active credit card on file. If any fishingline is snagged and cannot be removed the person should be fined an amount which will cover the throughough removal of the fishing line and or other debris.

Garbage Disposal:

More rigid control of garbage should be employed to avoid excess energy to manage it. A policy should be put in place for patrons to carry their garbage out of Central Park. This may sound far fetched but having excessive garbage collection points in Central Park encourages the tiresome operation of motorized vehicles for collecting. Presently an overuse and abuse of use of plastic garbage bags is very obvious.

Food Consessions:

Junk food should be completely removed from Central Park. French Fries, carbonated drinks, Ketchup, Hot dogs and Hamburgers, artificially sweetened ice-cream etc. When these obesity agents are removed you may find that a number of other park problems may bereduced automatically like excessive garbage.

Concessionaires should be compelled to remove all garbage generated by their business via hand trucks, wheelbarrows or electric assisted conveyors.

Public Vehicular Traffic:

Must be banned totally! No compromises! Central Park should never be used as a thoroughfare for public traffic. You cannot maintain a natural oasis by encouraging wildlife to make Central Park their home and simultaneously run a highway through it. I acknowledge that this cannot happen overnight and like Nature, certain things must take time to change regardless of how urgent it appears.

1. No vehicular traffic to the Boathouse Restaurant after normal traffic hours.

2. No park employees should be allowed vehicular access and or parking at Concessions and other park facilities. Cars in Central Park are eyesores whether they are stationary or moving. There is a much less relaxed feeling when cars are about.


All bicycles should always obey traffic signals at all times! There are several bicycle clubs/groups/individuals which use Central Park main drives as a racing circuit whic ignores traffic signals. This practice must end. High speed cycling can be fatal as it has been on several occasions in Central Park.

Emergency Vehicles:

Auxiliary Police

Should NEVER be allowed to operate a motorized vehicle in Central Park. Foot and bicycle patrol only for the Auxiliary Police. This branch of the NYPD is designed to create the illusion of increased police presence which gives patrons a false sense of security. Be that as it may, these Auxiliary Police personnel are better off creating this illusion without the aid of motorized vehicles which in their hands are more of a hazard to the public than an aid.

EMS Vehicles

Should only be allowed to traverse Central Park at 66th, 79th, and 96th Streets.

From my observations Emergency vehicles especially EMS and FDNY abuse their privilege of using the park roads for non-emergency purposes. High speed or even moderate speed of emergency vehicles are more likely to compound an emergency situation by traveling at high speeds.

If you're serious about making Central Park 'Greener' I hope you will give my suggestions serious consideration.

Lincoln Karim

Central Park patron.