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The Hauling Branches Trick!

On Monday December 3, 2012 I photographed this CP Conservancy truck just to have a record of the size of vehicles used and the manner in which they are operated in the park. As you can see, this is a massive gasolene powered truck and it is being used just to move around two office-type Conservancy workers. Note the number of the truck; L-92625

This is one of the two men who occupied the truck. It is clear that he is not the 'hauling debris' kind of worker.

The truck and their occupants attracted my attention for three reasons;
1 - they appeared to be planning which trees will be chopped down next,
2 - I wondered why these two men were not riding around the park on a bicycle or at least an electric golf cart instead of this massive truck,
3 - I made a note of the thoughtless manner in which they parked their vehicle, unconcerned that they were blocking almost the entire path.

It was these branches in the rear of the vehicle which helped me to dismiss the 'unnecessary use of a truck' point since no one will argue that you can't transport those branches on a bicycle or a golf cart. So it seemed that the use of this large truck was justified.
I went back to these pictures to examine them when I saw the same truck in the Ramble on Wednesday (two days later).

Here is the same truck two days later with the same branches which are obviously kept in the pickup to deceive the public that the truck is being used for more than transporting two office workers.

You may say that this is petty and an unworthy observation. But I'm at street level--I can only observe the little things which present themselves to me. A 'trifle'?

"It is, of course, a trifle, but there is nothing so important as trifles."
Sherlock Holmes.

So Mr Blonsky and Mr Calvanese you have successfully deceived almost everyone with this and we all know that you have many more tricks. Your excuses for removing trees to open up spaces range from beetle infestation to storms--You are deceiving adults where not too many of them really take notice.
You have the Media on your side and many Universities will back you up. But look at this picture closely gentlemen--Those are the most important people that you're deceiving--those tiny children whose minds are not yet capable to discover your trickery. How do you feel tricking them? How do you really feel when you cut down their trees, and you pollute their air and kill off their animals?
How do you feel that at your present rate of destruction that those little children may have to walk around with breathing tubes when they are in their twenties?
I wish these thoughts could provoke your mind and help you to change your ways, but something tells me it will take more than just a few pictures and words to veer you off your destructive path.

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