NYC Parks & Rec 4/25/2011

Lincoln Karim
204 W 55th Street #507A
New York, NY 10019

April 25, 2011

Subject: Rat Poison Baiting Stations.

Adrian Benepe
City of NY Parks & Recreation
The Arsenal
Central Park
New York NY 10021

Dear Sir:

There are several Rodent baiting stations in Central Park that should be removed and properly disposed of immediately!

There are baiting stations in the following areas:
* Boathouse Restaurant's parking lot at 74th Street & East Drive.
* Boathouse Restaurant main (east) entrance.

Please remove these devices immediately and instruct your exterminators to only use methods of rodent control which will not threaten the non-target wildlife of Central Park. If your exterminator is unable to employ an effective method of rodent control and if you cannot find an exterminator which can control rodents without any risk to non-target animals then the Boathouse Restaurant must cease to operate in Central Park.

Lincoln Karim
Central Park patron.