Concerning the Wild Turkey Removal 1/16/2009

Thank you for updating us regarding the CP turkey. I have to say I am down right outraged that some complete idiot would cause such undo stress to such a wonderful and obviously healthy animal. I try very hard to have faith in my fellow citizenry but over and over I am reminded that ignorance, self-centeredness and downright arrogance abounds. That this "concerned citizen" deigned to even touch this majestic creature enrages me. I wonder how much research that person did before they took it upon themselves to capture, transport and disrupt this lovely being.

Sorry to vent my spleen on you, I guess you are one of the only people in the world who really understands how unfair and unacceptable this sort of behavior is. I can only pray that out young Tom finds himself amongst friends in his new environs.

If you get any more info on this cretin please forward it along. I would like to mail them a box of rocks.


Simone Glendale, CA

PS A friend of mine, Heidi Hudson, who is an advocate for dogs, was recently in Hawaii and shared a whale watching catamaran trip with some people from the raptor trust that said they knew you. Funny the 4 degrees of separation!

PPS Although I would love to see this up on your website, it might be a little too inflammatory and threatening for the public eye.

Keep the Faith!


The female Wild Turkey was not only surviving but thriving in Central Park. She should be immediately returned to the park which has been her home since June 2008.

We've watched her forage for herself in the leaf litter for acorns, berries, and grass seeds....and drinking at the Gill. Seen her easily avoid big dogs running off the leash by simply flying to a high branch, then calmly come down and resume foraging... Watched her ignore smaller dogs, chase squirrels and ducks along the lake's edge...I think, just for the fun of it....

Although winter is a tougher time for all wild creatures - most do survive and she was brimming with health. She was a wonderful "Wildlife Ambassador" for small children who gaped at her in wonder.... She had a confident way in Central Park and knew every square inch of it and how to avoid most pitfalls.... Until she came across someone who thought they had good intentions....

Now she is in the hands of the same people who "rescued" the coyote a few years ago...and which died under their care.

I never understood the phase "the way to Hell is paved with good intentions" until I came across humans attempting to help wildlife and ending up traumatizing, injuring or killing it....

What a shame. With all the nonsense in the world, her company among us was an uplifting daily experience I will sorely miss.



I am so sorry to hear about the turkey being kidnapped. The DEC has to be depraved and crazy to have said that euthanasia was the alternative to bringing him or her back to Central Park. I find it mind-boggling that people who are supposed to help animals even think that kind of thing.

Well, some animals are enjoying themselves - these are some starlings who all decided to take a bath at once. It is the first day here in awhile where the daytime temperature is above freezing.


Sad news about the turkey. I don't understand how anyone in the "public" could or would take it upon themselves to catch this very large bird in the park and take it to animal control? That must have been some effort! I do hope it is happy in its new park location, for the bird's sake, though you CP observers will surely miss it. Handsome creature.



It makes me sad to think our turkey has been removed from the park. It was always such a pleasant surprise to come across her on my walks - she made me smile. I do wish people wouldn't take it upon themselves to second-guess nature and traumatize an animal like this who was doing perfectly fine and made the choice to be there. It doesn't seem fair.

The one bright spot after everything she's going through at the moment - maybe she'll make some new turkey friends in Pelham Bay. I hope so.

Trudy W.


I just heard that the turkey was removed from the park and will now be relocated to Pelham Bay Park. We were chatting about this after Christmas when Dan Weaver was talking about it at the feeders. I really liked seeing it around and, as you said, it was doing fine where it was. Such a shame - I'm bummed about this.

Just thought I'd pass along my 2 cents.