Nest Repair appeal/Co-op Board

Crude illustration of corrections to be made.

Lincoln Karim
204 W 55th Street Apt 507A
New York NY 10019
(917) XXX-XXX

August 24, 2007

The President,
Co-op Board 927 Fifth Avenue
New York NY 10021

Dear Sir or Madam:

I'm writing to you to appeal for your assistance in correcting a problem which has been affecting the welfare of a pair of red-tailed hawks which presently has a nest on your building.
I'm referring to the nest of Palemale & Lola located above the twelfth floor of 927 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Three successive nesting attempts in 2005, 2006 and 2007 were unsuccessful on the new structure which was installed in the winter of 2004 following the nest destruction on December 7, 2004.
I firmly believe that the reason for the unsuccessful hatching of the eggs every season since, is due to the design of the structure. Many experts were consulted during the design of this structure but no one paid enough attention to the original designer and builder of the nest, the hardy red-tailed hawk we call Palemale. With no blame to the designer/builder architect Dan Ionescu, who depended on the advice of certain experts in the field, key elements of the original nest were ignored which has left a sad and depressing continuation of what has become a beloved story for those of us that follow the lives of these wonderful creatures.
I watch these birds almost every single day of the year and have devoted my life to their admiration and protection as much as my feeble ability would allow. I have made keen observations of their nest activity especially over the last three years and the following is what I believe may provide a reasonable chance for success in 2008. The nest structure must be modified to correct the faulty design;
I am requesting permission from you to allow the same equipment which was used to install the nest structure in December 2004 back to the nest so the following work can be done. The companies which will carry out the work are the same ones used back in December 2004 and are as such familiar with your building. They will be paid privately and the work should be done in just one day.

Details of work to be done:

‘Nest structure’ refers to the metal contrivance which was bolted to the top of the decorative arch above the twelfth floor.
‘Anti-pigeon spikes’ refers to thin pieces of wire approx 8-10” long with their tops bent around in a blunt loop.
‘Nest cup’ refers to a depression in the body of the nest where the eggs are laid and incubated.

1. The space beneath the ‘nest structure’* must be sealed to prevent cold air from rushing under the nest cup.
2. The ‘anti-pigeon spikes’* which are located beneath and around the ‘nest cup’* must be totally removed without disturbing the natural nest material which are presently in place. These spikes are interfering with proper incubation in at least two ways;
a. they are conducting heat away from the eggs.
b. they are irritating the hawks when they press their bellies down onto the nest cup area and as such interfering with the proper incubation of the eggs.
3. Some insulating material must be carefully placed between the twigs which are presently in place and the metal mesh at the base of the ‘nest structure’.
4. The left and right sides of the ‘nest structure’ must be extended to increase the surface area of the nest to provide sufficient room for the nestlings to run and exercise.
5. The surfaces to the left and right of the present nest structure and the extended sections must be covered with a suitable material which can provide a comfortable and safe footing for the nestlings.
6. Extra care must be made to leave the present assembly of twigs in place and undisturbed. A pair of long-nose snipers can be used to cut the unwanted anti-pigeon spikes away.

For three years I watched those two hawks stuff tree bark into their nest because they could feel the cold beneath them. For three years I watch them hold on to those spikes under their bellies and pull fruitlessly to get them out. Please help me do the right thing for these worthy animals and give them back their place as they attempt to co-exist with us.
Please find it in your heart to grant this permission to not only do what is right for the hawks but also to bring back the joy which this nest has brought to so many people at home and around the world. I look forward to hearing from you.

Lincoln Karim


Basonas Construction Corp
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