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Central Park's Phony 'Green' Campaign

Visit the Central Park Conservancy website's 'A Green Guide...' and you may get the idea that this organization is concerned about environmental issues affecting this fragile park. But the following images may give you another impression...

What person, working for Central Park, will drive to work in a gas-guzzling Mustang convertible?

It is 6:50AM at the '79th Street Yard' where the day shift maintenance workers, many of whom are barely able to afford the subway fare to get to work, are getting ready to begin their day.

Mr Doug Blonsky, President of the Central park Conservancy.

Mr Blonsky drives to work in his horrible machine but he is against the Pedicab business. Why would Central Park make such an effort to penalize young men and women who are trying to do business with a pollution free machine?

Please note that I am not condoning any illegal business practices. I believe however that the Parks Department can work with these men and women to have both parties benefit from this worthwhile trade instead of going out of their way to bring in thugs to put them out of business.

Are you seeing what I am seeing? A gasoline powered vehicle being used to confiscate a fuel free vehicle in a park which is claiming to want to go 'Green'.

On the other hand, NYC Parks & Recreation will always tell you that they do not have the manpower to enforce illegal drug activity.