Pediatric Cancer Event 4/26/2009

I would think that people in these enlightened times will begin to change their ways and see the dangers of nuisance things like balloons but there never seem to be a short supply of these nasty things.
Compounded by the fact that on this particular occasion the event concerned 'Pediatric Cancer'

I do not have the time to argue of attempt to show how dangerous these garbage food are which is mercilessly purveyed to innocent children.

One would think that a 'Pediatric Cancer' event should be a horribly inappropriate place and time to stage these products.

I believe the root of this thoughtlessness comes from the mindless organizers of events like these. People who possess very little self respect will see nothing in giving and selling these products to innocent children. Pizza at a Cancer event?

I do not have the heart to go looking into every item here to see what its ingredients are but they are just a huge turnoff to me. If not the food itself but just the plastic and the dyes involved in the se items.

Not a piece of fresh fruit available at the entire event.

A starting point to look into some of these food ingredients.