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Brodifacoum being used in Central Park!

The most toxic anti-coagulant rodenticide has been discovered in Central Park at the Central Park Police Precinct at 86th Street.

Lima hunting at the Central Park Precinct late last year.

The poison contains the active ingredient Brodifacoum! There are Rat Poison signs posted around the old precinct building.
The sign shows that Bell Labs' Final All Weather Blox is being used. This product is only used in the NYC Subways and large buildings in the city--Never in a park!

Not even the Central Park Conservancy would use this lethal poison. In defence of the Conservancy on this one issue (Rat Poisoning), they have convinced me that they have stopped using rat Poison altogether and are now using 'Snap Traps'. I believe this to be true.

However NYC Parks & Recreation has traditionally taken the stance that certain buildings in the park are separate from the park itself and are able to employ their own pesticide policies. The Boathouse Restaurant and the MET are some examples of buildings which claim to be isolated from the park. The MET for example used dangerous rodenticides different from the CP Conservancy stating that they are not bound to the same policies as the CPC.
Here now the CP Precinct is using the most irresponsible and lethal anti-coagulant rodenticide as if they are totally unaware of where they are located.

This poison must be removed immediately with not the slightest excuse!

Lima hunting at the Central Park Precinct.

This area is a frequent hunting ground for Palemale and other hawks in the park.

DEC Website containing results of Lima's necropsy...

The rat poison boxes are still present at the Central Park Precinct - April 18, 2012.

The rat poison boxes are still present at the Central Park Precinct - April 18, 2012.

Please call the precinct to find out who is responsible for putting out this poison.
Central Park Precinct: (212) 570-4820
Central Park Press Office: (212) 360-1311
NYC Parks & Recreation: 311
NYC Parks & Recreation: Outside NY (212) NEW-YORK.