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Baby Squirrels at Hans C. Anderson - May 28, 05

Baby squirrels kiss. This turned out to be a goodbye kiss, for only minutes later the more adventurous of the two jumped too heavily on a thin, dried branch and fell to the ground. Shocked and confused, he scampered for cover and took to a tall Yochino Cherry tree several yards away. He didn't appear too alarmed once he ventured high on top of the tree, which he immediately began exploring. The mother came home to the nest tree when the rain came down this evening and found only one baby home. I checked the Cherry tree while it was raining and found the 'fledged' baby still up high and very worried looking since it is the first time he/she is experiencing rain like this. I can only hope that it becomes reunited with mom and brother/sister back in the nice warm nest hole sometime later - May 28, 2005