Balloons on the Great Lawn!

April 23, 2010

Kevin Jeffrey
Dep Commissioner
NYC Parks & Recreation

NYC Parks Balloon Ban

Dear Sir:

Please consider discouraging and even prohibiting the use of balloons for all organizations that will be issued permits for activities in NYC Parks this spring/summer.

Lighter than air/gas filled/latex and or Mylar balloons are a proven and documented hazard to the environment not to mention the unsightliness and waste of resources to clean them off trees, water bodies etc.

In keeping with NYC Parks and Recreation's 'Green' consciousness, do acknowledge that balloons are unnecessary items for events large and small. Knowing the downside of these seemingly innocent items I believe it is a reasonable sacrifice for a responsible person to make to leave them out of organized events and picnics etc.

Please ask the resident concessions like the various restaurants, skating rinks, carousel etc to stop using/selling these hazardous items and please enter a note in all permits for events in the parks that balloons will no longer be allowed.

Please also ask park patrons to refrain from bringing in balloons to the park especially at concerts and other large events. Do try to mention it at any press conferences to get the word out and make people aware of the hazards and nuisance associated with them.

Lincoln Karim

If you like please email:

Distracted by the death of our poor Riverside Park baby the day before I didn't realize that the Philharmonic Concert was so soon (July 14, 2009) so I was unable to campaign against the use of balloons for the concert.

I thought by now someone would have beat me to it...someone on the organizing committee or someone on the Conservancy even.

I thought maybe by now with the Internet and all the TV channels and Ads and museum exhibits and warnings that people may realize how dangerous these things are, but I was wrong.

None of these people are wicked or evil. Most of them are innocent to their destructive behavior and are seemingly numb to anything outside of themselves.

I believe they are herded into events like this by a much more sinister entity.

Sometimes I feel I live with people which behave like ‘The Night of The Living Dead“.