Balloons for Advertising

Harry's Shoes for Kids
2299 Broadway @ 83rd Street
New York, NY 10024

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing to appeal to you to stop your store's practice of giving away helium filled balloons to your customers at the kid's store on the Upper Westside in NYC. Sir/Madam these balloons are given to kids or sometimes tied to their strollers and a considerable percentage of these balloons get released into the open air. You must realize what a potential hazard these seemingly innocent toys are to the environment. It's cheap advertising to you but painful torture to the animals which inevitably fall victim to these horrible manmade nuisances. Please stop this thoughtless practice and find some less harmful method to advertise your company. I would not lecture you on the details of what harm latex balloons do to the environment, not to mention the possible choking and suffocation threat they pose to the children themselves.

I hope you can overlook the abrasive tone of my letter and give serious consideration to the matter which I am addressing. Personal appeals made by phone and in person at your store were quite fruitless.

Thank you,
Lincoln Karim, NYC

Harry's Shoes for Kids