Balloons December 4, 2011

When I got out of the cross-town bus at Madison Avenue and hurried across 57th Street to catch any possible arriving busses to take me Uptown, my eyes fell on a blue helium filled latex balloon tied to a garbage can on the opposite side of the Avenue.

I was prepared to miss any nearby busses in order to go over and pop the balloon and dispose of it in the garbage can. Before I could do so I noticed another blue balloon closer to me and then my eyes fell upon the entire area north of 57th Street on both sides of the Avenue lined with blue balloons.

I examined one closely and saw the logo ‘Children’s Aid Society’.
Looking at all the balloons I was somewhat sickened by more than the sight of them but that we are still not caring enough as adults to rid these things out of our planet even after all the dangers associated with them.

The thoughtlessness is compounded by the fact that this ‘Children Aid Society’ especially has made no connection by using balloons to advertise an event for children. Balloons, according to many reports I have read is the very high contributor of suffocation in Children.
Why are we still using balloons and targeting children with them?

Sherlock Holmes continually made the point to Watson that the small things reflect the bigger things. If an organization such as this Children Aid Society is sincere in their quest to aid children wouldn’t something like balloons which is so well documented as a danger to children be avoided?
Then it must mean that the Children Aid Society is oblivious to other issues affecting children.