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Auxiliary Cops

Last week a story circulated titled ‘Paper Police in India’. It was meant to be one of those ‘let’s laugh at people from the Third World’ kind of stories. Apparently in some city in India they installed life-sized cardboard cutouts of a policeman at traffic intersections to deter traffic offenders.
Everyone in the office had a good laugh, and though it was not stated, there was certainly an air of how stupid those Indian people were to be fooled by a mere cardboard cutout of a policeman.

Well perhaps that laughter will wane when I show you New York’s version of cardboard cutout policemen. We call them Auxiliary Police and they are just like India’s Paper Police but not as smart as cardboard.

I’m not attempting to be funny here because it’s not funny when the City is using my hard earned money to outfit these useless people.
Please give them a test if you come across a couple of these guys. Ask them for some simple directions; if you encounter them at 34th Street & Broadway ask them to help you find Macy’s and see how many times they spin around or fumble through a map.

If they were on foot patrol I would have less of a problem with the decoy game the NYPD is playing,

but when Auxiliary cops are given motorized vehicles to make a nuisance of themselves then I do have a serious problem with this foolish ploy.

Of course the real NYPD always show themselves to be much more professional in their patrol of the park.

A good place to begin, if you want to have a better quality city is to eliminate this kind of useless human being.
It’s worthless human beings like this that gives the good NYPD cops a bad name. If we didn't have good cops none of us would be able to sleep in peace at night--they are certainly not all bad.

Because we have people like this joining the NYPD it makes the workload of the good cops so much more difficult.

On April 25th, this Central Park NYPD officer (Cohen B# 4044) abandoned his assigned post of patrolling the park drives for traffic offences (his duties were described to me by his Sergeant) to fraternize with Doug Blonsky of the Central Park Conservancy.

It appeared to be one of the CPC annual Nature Walks which I am sure has as its highlight free food and booze at the Boathouse for the CPC members anyway.

The CPP cop left his post and came over to this phony CPC event to harass three black street musicians because he believed he could gain some points with the CPC. The street musicians in the eyes of the CPC may have been too unsightly for the CPC guests to encounter coming into the park. So accustomed was this corrupted Police officer of bullying the African Pedicab operators around the Boathouse, he didn‘t expect that the three Black men knew enough of the rules of the park to stand up to him. Yes, I mentioned 'Black' because that is what the issue was, and I am not in a position to sugar-coat it.

Here are the type of people who the CPC put on the fireworks display for two weeks ago. Cadaverous looking people who care nothing about Nature.

He's shaking her hand but the cold heart of one and the sterile mind of the other makes the greeting purely mechanical.

The event was organized to take members of the CP Conservancy on a Nature Walk through a pre-determined path.

Here is one place which I am certain was not on their route.
How long can the CPC go on destroying the precious park before it is realized what evil comprises this organization? They only people who are aware of the destruction are the people who truly love the park and they are too poor and powerless. The ones who are on a rampage to exploit it are the ones with money and power.