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August 9, 2009

Riverside Park Mom over the Henry Hudson Parkway.

Late Sunday evening at the west end of 79th Street--Mom is perched on a streetlight and Dad is perched on the dark brown building on the right. No sign of Baby all of Sunday.

I hope wherever youíre settled in to sleep tonight you have a peaceful comfortable rest after what must have been an adventurous day and a half hiding from all of us. I am sure you heard the cicadas just as we heard them all through the day with their soothing singing which drapes across the trees just like the wind does.
I am sure you saw that last minute sunset we had today when as if all the clouds in the west already dressed in their pajamas suddenly got up from their cozy beds and poured barrels and barrels of honey all over the Hudson River then hurriedly shut the Sun back up for the night and themselves snuck back into bed and yawned and as they muttered sleepily to each other how clever they are.
So as the cold raindrops drip down your face tonight I hope they donít keep you up too late and come morning time the Sun may be out by then to light up your entire day.

All images above photographed on Sunday August 9, 2009.