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August 8, 2009

Palemale at the foot of Cedar Hill on a quiet Saturday evening.

Give or take a few, his face was viewed 10 million times on this site...

But it has not gone to his head--he still is as humble as they come.

Sometimes I wonder what I can possible say to him should there ever be an opportunity to have a conversation between us.

There is nothing worthwhile I could think of to say to him.

How embarrassing it would be to ever get a chance to speak to him only to find I have nothing to say.

But that bewitching silence that he radiates says so much if only I can listen to it instead of attempting to construct phrases with my weak language.

I probably missed so much that he said with his silence over the years. But then I guess it's easy to recall the wisdom of his unspoken words--all I have to do is shut up.

Bath time in Riverside Park.

Our grownup baby has been hiding over the past few days and apparently venturing out far from home.

All images above photographed on Saturday August 8, 2009.