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August 4, 2013

In the world we've created there doesn't seem to be any room to leave for this little guy.
He may never make it on a list of important things to be concerned about. While I watched and admired him taking a little nap I heard the blaring sound of a helicopter passing over Central Park and I figured the last thing on that pilot's mind was not waking up this little guy from his sleep. But I admired him and while I did no one better wake him or molest him and I thought if not the pilot and if not our government and if not the Central Park Conservancy then someone, someone big and mighty thinks that his sleep is important and that someone gave him some comfort and some peace of mind and that someone told him that he was important and needs his rest and most of all that he belongs here just as much as everyone else and that made me happy to know that there is someone out there looking after him to make sure that he keeps his rightful place in this world.

Sunday August 4, 2013.