August 23, 2012

Palemale in Central Park on Thursday evening,


Palemale, Wednesday evening on Fifth Avenue.

Palemale, Wednesday evening on Fifth Avenue.

Palemale, Tuesday evening in Central Park.

Palemale just caught a rat near the MET.


Yet another area in Central Park using rat poison! This one is obvious--Delacorte Theater.

What used to be a humble little arena in Central Park which had no commercial ventures attached to it, and which was traditionally open to the public, has now been taken over completely and locked off to the public throughout the year. The theater was completely rebuilt, ignoring many of the park’s laws forbidding expansion and new buildings in Central Park.

The Delacorte theater is a major food venue--not just a place to present culture. Culture does not make money, hot dog and beer does.
With the massive amount of food being stored and consumed at this venue, rats and other wildlife will be sure to come and when that happens the management knows of only one way to deal with that situation--POISON!
Being in Central Park with the trees and the fresh air one would think a visitor may be trying to escape the conventional garbage food of the rest of the city. A café in the Delacorte Theater may have considered their location and restrict their operation to good wholesome food served in a manner as to not create unnecessary garbage to attract scavenging animals. But no, this is not the case. The operation is business-as-usual with large delivery vans and garbage trucks coming in and out with very little regard to the theater’s delicate location.

So now the exterminators are called in. On Tuesday evening I saw this vehicle operated by a man smoking a cigarette with the engine left idling, gathering up his toxic chemicals to go into the theater. Inside the vehicle I saw a large container of Contrac--the rat poison containing the anti-coagulant Bromodiolone which killed Lima earlier this year.

How easy a situation like this would have been to fix if we had a more conscientious public. If we did there would be no way an operation like this would be allowed in Central Park--not with the dozens of major theaters there are on Broadway and the rest of the city. But our public has been sufficiently dumbed down by television and other Media where it is easy to loose our precious park to greedy business ventures like these.

The unhealthy situations I encounter in Central Park each day can be overwhelming. Often times it seems hopeless to see a change for the better. But there must be some hope out there. I do not believe that the forces which created all the beauty that we are trying to preserve will turn its back on them. There is no way that our trees and animals will disappear for the sake of selling hot dogs and beer.

The situation seem even more hopeless when I see the members of the Media who I work with each day. These journalists are the people who you would think can make the public aware of issues that will hurt all of us--not just animals. Most of those journalists are drug addicts and alcoholics and even worse they are cowards that will rather cover the orchestrated news events like the hot-dog eating contest than address serious problems like smoking.
The NYPD are really sad to watch at times. The city really dropped the bar when hiring these men and women. Though the upper ranks of the NYPD will be forever corrupt the lower ranks are uninspired and unmotivated to be useful. Fixing the intelligence of cops is a tall order, but for now the thing that can help is getting them out of motorized vehicles in the park.


NYC Parks Enforcement with the influence of the CP Conservancy and the management of the Boathouse Restaurant has made Pedicab harassment a priority over all other problems in Central Park.

A drug dealer just made a sale near the MET. This is a common occurence which the Central Park Precinct is aware of but refuses to address because it requires a lot of paperwork.

Illegal drug activity in Central Park.

Instead of taking care of drugs and other unsavory conditions in Central Park, the precinct cops persecute bicycle riders continually. Many of our NYPD cops are grossly overweight and in poor physical condition. They drive all day long and spend most of their duty hours sitting.