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August 2, 2009

Of all the days for me to choose to introduce you to your father-in-law I had to pick this rainy day. What would Palemale say if I brought you over looking like this for him to see the hawk who married his beautiful daughter?

But my pal donít you worry, Palemale is not a shallow person. Just wait Ďtill I tell him how you stood by his daughter last year when she broke her beak and couldnít eat, how you never allowed her to go hungry for a single day. Iíll tell him how you never turned your back on her for all the months it took for her beak to heal. And Iíll tell ole Palemale that when it was time to start building your nest that you never complained once that your beloved mate couldnít use her mouth to cut off twigs to do her full share of the work, so you allowed her to do what she could and still supported her all the way.
And when you lost your fist baby on that wet highway earlier this year, you brought food for your two remaining children while you allowed your mate to spend all those hours watching over his motionless body laying on the side of the highway. Never once did you tell her that she shouldnít waste her time and that she should return to her nest. You just left her to ease her broken heart.

So regardless how your face looks today, Iíll tell him that you are as fine a son-in-law as he could ever have to be mated to his beautiful daughter for the rest of her life. And as a dedicated father I have not seen any one more devoted, including Palemale himself.

But you know somehow feel that nothing I say to Palemale will make much of a difference, since I believe he knows all that and much more about you already.

A wet Little Baby hawk couldn't do much soaring on Sunday in Riverside Park.

So he decided to stay home with Mom & Dad and look as close to a hibiscus flower as he could possibly look.

Sometimes he got bored of that and tried a bit of other things.

One of the things he tried was wringing himself dry.

There was always time to give his face a good scratch.

Or to sing a song for all the squirrels in the Park

There were moments for deep philosophical thought.

which were occasionally broken by cynical stares.

All images above photographed on Sunday August 2, 2009.

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