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August 19, 2013

Palemale having a late supper in Central Park on Monday evening.

Monday August 19, 2013.

Visiting Central Park each day is something that I look forward to throughout the year. My top reason for visiting is well known, and the pleasure I get from those visits is obvious. In recent years however visiting Central Park has become less of a pleasure, something which I do my best to hide. The most beautiful times peaked when I had Charles Kennedy to bump into. Getting to sit with Charles and talking or even sitting silently was the next best thing to being in the company of Palemale.
Charles left us ten years ago and since then I have not found another human being with which to communicate like that old beautiful Hippie.
As much as I loved Charles he was by no means without fault but I loved him sufficiently to filter out what I didn't like. The fact that I still bring up his name and speak so well of him may not be because he was so great after all, but rather that there since has been no one else to inspire me like he did.
Now when I get to Central Park I can hardly ever find a meaningful person like that. In fact the sight of many of the regular hawk followers inspire in me every thing unholy and nothing pleasant.
What to me is a sacred encounter for most is a circus event. But still I try to preserve the beautiful experience and I compel myself to think that if my love is real then I should be able to rise above the unpleasantness.
I hope you continue to enjoy what I see.