August 19, 2012

Zena is still around. She visited Palemale on Sunday afternoon. Of course there is a chance that she may be another mate that he is attracting but I am almost certain that this is indeed Zena.

Zena (right) spent a few minutes and then flew away once again. Sunday August 19, 2012:

Palemale (left) and Zena on 965 Fifth Avenue, Sunday afternoon.

Saturday August 18, 2012:

Friday August 17, 2012:

Palemale went to sleep on Friday night after taking a beating from the sudden downpour. It looks like he tolerates the wet with the same ease as he does the wind, and when the storm had passed he went on preening to make himself ready for a peaceful night’s sleep.
Over the years of admiring him I have noticed that he doesn’t appear to carry to his bed any bothersome incidents which may have troubled him during the day. It doesn’t look like he holds any grudges either, and I am sure he starts each day fresh, knowing that those magnificent forces which hold up the stars will always have a beautiful plan for him.
Up through the trees I searched until I saw him being held high on a sturdy branch blended in with the friendly leaves.
Even the robins which were surely alarmed by his presence in some way serenaded him, and I felt they too were in tune with all that was beautiful and right on the Earth. But I, a slave to my degenerate thinking, had to endure the unpleasant world below them where I rightfully belong.
I may never know why I am made to see the worrisome things I do, and wish that one day I may become undistracted by these animals’ affairs as are so many of my brothers and sisters. Then I may finally be able to indulge in the bliss of not caring and while away my time merrily in the abundant company I will have all around me.