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August 12, 2009

all images of the Riverside Park baby taken on August 3, 2009.

We miss you little Pal. Wherever you are I know you're happy...

but most of all wherever you are I know you're FREE!

That's more than a lot of us can say for ourselves.

I'll always be looking up to see you again one day.

Until I do, I'll be looking up--lifting my eyes and my heart toward the sky.

I'll like to believe that your life is in very capable hands.

I have no way of knowing that for sure...

except when I look at you and see that magic in your face...

I am convinced that there is someone very special looking out for you.

There is no way a face like yours came from pure chance...

Someone with a grand plan must have created you.

We love you too!

All images above photographed on August 3, 2009.