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August 1, 2009

Palemale, as I told him that his Riverside Park Grandson just went from a Little Stinker to a Little Soarer.

Our Little Riverside Park Stinker flying high above the Westside...

He looked reluctant to come back home to play with sticks on the ground.

And who knows when was the last time he had a bath.

These days the world is getting bigger for him.

I am sure his brother and sister are both with him enjoying his soaring through him.

I wonder if soaring tickles his tummy? It sure does mine just watching him.

Riverside Park Baby perched on Westend Avenue.

A neighborhood crow passed by to say hello to him.

Palemale on the Westside.

I had to yank myself away from this happy little guy or else I'll spend all day just watching him.

If cautionary signs admit the dangers the pesticides to children and pets imagine what effect it has on this tiny creature.

Palemale on the Great Lawn late Saturday evening. So when the Central Park Conservancy puts pesticides on this grass, especially for the selfish shallow reasons that they do, then when I speak out against it, it is my business that I'm minding!

All images above photographed on Saturday August 1, 2009.

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