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August 25-September 4, 2008

Away in Denver & St. Paul for work. I'll be back in NYC around September 6th.

A little friend at the edge if the Mississippi On Wednesday evening.

A hurried trip to Red Wing, near St Paul.

Two kestrels perched themselves for most of the DNC activities at the Inesco Stadium last Thursday in Denver.

At the end of the last speech fireworks erupted and scared and confused the innocent couple.

I watched helplessly as the two horrified birds fly franticly around the stadium trapped in the terrible smoke and fire, not to mention the maddening noise.

Rehearsed speech, dramatic music, fireworks and confetti...I really don't see any Change.

Along the Mississippi River in St Paul.

Along the Mississippi River in St Paul.

This little Stinker thought he could hide from me.
On Wednesday morning I ran away from the Media Center and just headed toward the foothills of the Rockies in a place called Golden several miles from Denver.

In a little town in the foothills - Golden several miles from Denver.

Last Saturday night close to my hotel in Denver.

In the foothills of the Rockies - Golden, near Denver.

A short trip to City Park in Denver last Saturday...

Most residents that I spoke to in Denver say that they do not take this sight for granted. It's hard to not be awed by this daily sight.

It's just not right that these poor innocent animals are used as tools especially to be involved in Man's nonsense.

Why must a loving caring animal like this be trained to sniff out bombs? If we observe this very animal and all other animals in their natural life we can learn a great deal from them so we do not have to reach this sad state of over policing ourselves.

I will not attempt to address or suggest what we can do to change human behavior but I can certainly suggest that we do not involve any animal in our sad and pitiable affairs. This poor thing should be set free and humans should be trained to sniff out bombs. Humans should be caged like this and dragged around to sniff out drugs and bombs not an innocent dog that has so much love to share.

All images photographed in Denver between August 19-26, 2008.

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