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April 5, 2008


Kestral in Tompkins Sq Park.

A beautiful pigeon Mom on Houston Street sitting on her eggs. The arrival of her babies shall bring just as wide a smile to the Universe as will the Red-tailed hawks.

Tompkins Sq couple.

Tompkins Sq couple attempting to mate. The assumed male on top appears to not have a red tail.

Tompkins Sq Park

Fordham University Mom.

Houston Street Mom.

Over Tompkins Sq & Avenue B.

Palemale near 76th Street & Fifth Ave.

Tompkins Sq Mom to be (?).

Fordham Mom.

Over Tompkings Sq. & Ave B.


Palemale just hopping off the Woody Watertower and about to fly over his nest.

All images photographed on Saturday April 5, 2008.

On Friday I spoke to the official who destroyed the Fenway Park RTH nest in Boston Click here for more... To report problems concerning wildlife in Manhattan:
Dept of Environ Conservation, Region II:

(718) 482-4922

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