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April 4, 2008

On Friday I spoke to the official who destroyed the Fenway Park RTH nest in Boston Click here for more...

Perhaps Lola can feel the loss which her sister in Boston is experiencing presently and helping her to bear it. Maybe she can hear her weeping for the loss she suffered this week when her nest and egg were taken from her. Or perhaps they do not weep at all these animals. Perhaps they're just immune to sadness and the Boston hawk is just flying mindlessly around Fenway Park stadium since her tragedy without a care or worry.

Lola I am thinking of you sitting up on that high cold ledge with the rain dripping on you tonight and wondering how you do it. Why do you put yourself through the trouble which you do to attempt to bring little buds of life to wobble and jump and flap and sing in this world?

Tonight you're sticking it out with all your other sister hawks to keep those precious capsules of life warm and secure under your loving bellies. We have tried you terribly over the years and still expect so much from you.

So tonight as you sit up on your nest cold and wet I wish I can tell you that you will never disappoint me. I want to tell you also that even if your eggs do not hatch this time again that the love and devotion you radiate each day has hatched more than eggs in the Universe.

It is love like yours that stars depend upon to twinkle in the night. Without the love of animal mothers like you the sky will be just one very cold dark place.

So sit as long as you want and do what the Universe compels you to do but for me you've done your part.

The Universe went through a great deal of trouble to create Man, and though it's easy for me to sit here and condemn him and his actions I must somehow accept the plan that She has for creating him.

I marvel at how you have learned to tolerate him--I'll try to do the same.

But yet I have to also embrace the fact that the Universe is compelling me to speak and when it feels necessary it shall shut me up.

Friday was rainy preventing any new shots.

To report problems concerning wildlife in Manhattan:
Dept of Environ Conservation, Region II:

(718) 482-4922

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