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April 30, 2009

Lola having a late supper on Cedar Hill.

When I peered up at the oval window having taken my eyes away for a moment, I suddenly missed the white spot which was posing there for the last hour. With the aid of my glasses I saw that he had not turned his back as I was reasoning but had vacated the window entirely. I searched the treetops in the weak light and quickly found that he was dropping sharply over Central Park West and then began skimming the tops of the budding trees and racing toward the West Drive. I knew it was fruitless to even lift my camera in the direction of the rapidly moving white shape which had his legs dropped limp and coming toward me. I saw the intense focus he had in an area just in front of me and I decided then, not that I had much of a choice, to let my camera stay dropped to my side much like his legs were.
As he came upon the drive he veered abruptly to his right and I watched as more than a half dozen foraging birds beneath the line of my sight lifted off the ground in a panic. I cannot say for sure what they were--pigeons more likely.
Palemale remained on the ground out of my sight as all the birds escaped except for one whose life our friend brought to an end at the foot of a London Plane on the west side of the drive just as a few light raindrops began to caress the fresh buds on the leaving trees.
Perhaps there is a twinkle of a star for every innocent life which comes to an end. A twinkle which is not a sad twinkle though because I feel those happy stars knows that their very next twinkle will be to herald the birth of an innocent life. Sometimes a star may only want to twinkle for the happier occasions, but knowing how wise stars are I am convinced that they can see the happiness for every occasion whether life or death.
I want to believe that those raindrops which capped off the evening saw it all, and a few of them must have collected themselves on the soft feathers of the innocent bird which was carried over to the Locust Grove in the strong but sacred grasp of our hardy friend.

Riverside Park Mom looks at her newly hatched babies on Thursday evening. Bruce confirmed that there are at least two hatched babies.

All images above photographed on Thursday April 30, 2009.

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