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April 26, 2008

Palemale over the Model Sailboat Pond.

Palemale, against Bow Bridge, about to take in Lola's dinner.

Riverside Park Mom (Palemale's daughter ?) tending her nest.

Riverside Park Dad just after delivering food to his new baby/s.

R'side Pk Dad.

The new Riverside Park Mom still manages to keep her hair perfectly done regardless of her busy days.

Every strand neatly combed...

keeping herself always beautiful...

just like her dad.

R'side Mom stepped out of her nest to get some dried tree bark to take back to her nest. The bark is peeled back and left to dry on the tree for a few days before it's finally taken to the nest.

Palemale over Fifth Ave about to enter his nest.

Lola over the MSB Pond heading to the MET to have her dinner.

Palemale about to fly over the 'Hawk Bench' on the west rim of the MSB Pond.

All images above photographed on Saturday April 26, 2008.

I have not given up on Palemale & Lolaís eggs hatching. Surely it is late but I will always have hope once I see my friends following their hearts and doing what the Universe bids them to do.
Soon it may seem that I am left alone staring up at emptiness above the twelfth floor of 927 Fifth Avenue, but I shall never be alone because I will always have the company of my two friends and all the forces which keeps them going. I will never succumb to the listless existence of most humans which attempt to rise above the natural world, I feel more comfort in the company of those humble pigeons, and sparrows and squirrels which themselves appear to find solace in my company.
Our world which is based on a crude, deceitful language denies us the fruit of existence which every other animal relishes each day.
Lola has no one else to comfort her but Palemale, and he has nothing else more worthy to live for but her. It is so easy for them to give up and fly away, but they stay. On Saturday afternoon when the weather toggled between scorching hot and frigid I watched Lola take to the sky after finishing her meal on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum; she held her wings open and allowed the wind to take her up to the clouds and beyond perhaps. I could barely keep her in my binocularsí sight, difficult to keep my arms steady, but I kept the dark speck in view as best I could. I tried to imagine what was going through her mind and what it must feel like to be up there all alone with the peace and noiselessness she must surely be relishing.
I am sure she could sail away effortlessly and find some cozy forest Upstate and take up a new life in a peaceful world away from the noise and difficulty of her present life. She could, Iím sure, find a nice sturdy tree to perch herself after her journey and sleep peacefully without the sound of sirens, and parades and manic photographers who would not leave her alone.
But I am sure the thought never entered her mind and soon I was able to see that speck jittering in my binoculars take a more recognizable form and gradually the shape grew as it descended rapidly toward me and I felt like I could feel her strong desire to come back home to the things she built and the things she loved with all her heart, and there was just no thought of ever running away from those. Because when there is true love there is no such thing as running away. I ran away from many things before; a country, family, jobs, people, careers, clubs...because there was no real love to hold me.
Presently I may drift away for brief periods to stretch my wings but I have found something which will always make me want to rush back to--the shaking speck which bounced around the field of view of my binoculars took a more defined form as she held her wings back and plummeted toward her nest. It was all I could do to obtain an image of that determined creature on her way to the place which she wanted to be. My camera may have been able to capture a mediocre image of Lolaís swift flight slicing down from the sky, and you may be able to see the unwavering focus set on her face, but the camera could never record to love she has in her heart. To feel that love you need to put down your binoculars, set aside your cameras and just close your eyes.
Itís dark and rainy today and I can easily take the time to go Upstate and find a nice cozy tree to perch on and relish the peace and quiet, but something makes be want to go where sirens blare and parades make a racket because amidst those unsavory things is the only place I have found Love.