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April 25, 2008

Houston Street Mom with her new baby just in front of her.

There are still two unhatched eggs

Riverside Dad (l) visits his nest with food for new babies.

Their chicks are still too small to be seen from the ground but feeding is very obvious.

One of at least two baby squirrels just staring to venture out their home which is across the path from the hawk's nest in Riverside Park. I often wonder if there is any envy, conscious or not, to being born a squirrel rather than a hawk. One is born to be the killer and the other food...

I believe since there is no envy between humans and small pox--one being born to be victim and the other the killer...

then there must be the same peaceful balance in the hawk and squirrel world.

Tompkins Square Park hawk, one of two adults which were seen mating a few weeks ago. No nest discovered (by me) so far.

A little neighbor on 10th Street. Cute no doubt and I love them all regardless. But what a sad adulteration of what was once a wild animal which evolved so much more efficiently for their own survival rather than a toy presently for the delight of their fickle owners-- totally dependent on their human creators to survive. This sort of selfish, thoughtless behavior by us must stop "What sort of cesspool may not our poor world become?"* if animals continue to be modified for our whimsical life.

Houston Street Dad surveying the space above his nest.

Houston Street Mom continues to warm her other eggs.

Lola continues to keep her eggs warm knowing that she too will soon be blessed with the gift of life like the rest of her children and fellow hawks.

I try not to think of the knowledge I have, instead I look at her nest as one like all the others just waiting for that miracle to happen. Surely their world is a cut above ours and is not a slave to time and shabby science like our own.

Palemale stops on the Woody building to collect a stashed meal for Lola around 7PM on Friday evening.

There couldn't be a sub-division of the Universe which creates 'pests'.

...there just couldn't be!

All images above photographed on Friday April 25, 2008.

"What sort of cesspool may not our poor world become?"* Arthur Conan Doyle. Holmes remarks to Watson--doctor attempting to create a 'youth serum'.