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April 23, 2008

Nabil reports that the Riverside Park nest have hatched--April 24th.

Palemale, when you turned your head to the Westside this evening you knew you could count on the Sun being there to light up your eyes and all your land around.

And when you leaped off that railing you were confident that you could count on the wind to hold up your wings to take you over to your roost.

When tomorrow comes you know you can count on the Earth to provide food for you and your family.

You know too that you can always count on Lola being there for you all day and night whether rain or cold doing all she can to bring your new family into the world.

So tomorrow when you enter your nest to look down on your eggs to see if any life has entered the world you can continue to count on the Sun, the Wind, the trees and Lola.

And though I am of no real help, you may also count on me to be there believing in you whole-heartedly. There is a powerful force driving you and Lola which is far above anything we can count or analyze. It can perform miracles if and when it likes, but it is not subject to public pressure.

And if you have to go back to your roost yet another day without the joy of seeing your eggs hatched Iíll still be there to search for you through the dark branches and leaves to watch you go to sleep in peace and to know that I have found, after all my years of wandering aimlessly, a true hero to admire each day and to share your life with as many souls as I can who are willing to know and discover your beauty.

I do admit that it is difficult to not have anger and bitterness when things do not turn out how I like it to, but to harbor or propagate any negative feelings will surely serve to dishonor the years of beauty which these animals brought to all of us.

The humility of not being able to change that which I cannot is somewhat therapeutic.

Since I do not have a choice I may as well use these daily lessons as medicine.

The Universe which created Palemale, Lola and all of us who are anxiously awaiting the hatching of these eggs, is the same one which created the people who disrupted the years of beauty which so many of us have experienced.

I can confidently say that if the Universe is so noble an entity to create such creatures as Palemale & Lola then there must be just as much beauty in all else that it created regardless of how we see them presently.

When Palemale caught and killed that squirrel yesterday, he must have left a family of broken-hearted loved ones behind.

I would like to think that those little distraught creatures are not holding any evil wishes on our friend.

If I expect those little ones to maintain wholesome thoughts for powerful hawks which rob them of their mother or father,

then I will be unjustified if I didnít follow their way.

Also, I would like to think that the sadness that I endured over the last few disappointing years have caused me to acknowledge and make changes in my careless ways to respect the delicate lives of Palemale, Lola and all the other wonderful creatures which share this fragile land with us.

Goodnight Pal.

All images above photographed on Wednesday April 23, 2008.