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April 22, 2008

There is no news to report on any hatching in Palemale & Lola's nest so far.

My only wish is for this story to have yet another beautiful scene, where the happy couple are blessed with the birth of new babies after all their years of disappointment.

But it appears that the Universe has another scene written for them.

It shows that this is a much more complex story than the ones we are all so used to seeing..

I am constantly tempted to blame certain people for this story not having an outcome that I would like to see.

But that is just foolish of me to think like that.

To put any blame on any person or persons, including myself will simply be underestimating the depth of this singularly remarkable ongoing story.

Sometimes when I stand waiting for an appearance by one or the other of them, I go over in my mind the sense of all that I do or try to do.

I often recall one NYPD detective's words back on December 15th, 2004 when I sat in a cell at the 19th Precinct on the Eastside; "Why don't you get a life Pal?" he said to me grinning.

He sat behind his desk in his shirt sleeves with a stocky black gun strapped to his side as he engaged himself in his daily paperwork. Some time later I heard him tell someone on the phone that he had made up his mind that he was only going to put up Christmas Tree lights on the inside of his house that year and that he would no longer do any outside lights except for the Santa Claus and reindeer figures--because the kids love those too much.

I have to admit that on occasion when I'm out in the park waiting in one place for hours for a single shot of one of these animals I do regret not putting all my time and money into buying a house out on Long Island and having a wife with big hair hurrying me up to start the Bar-B-Que grill before the relatives come over so we can all sit by the big TV watching sports and to hear engaging stories about which celebrity they saw in the mall.

It's too late to enter into such a nourishing life now, so I have accepted my fate of living a fickle life of delighting in the sight of rats scurrying into dark burrows, and watching robins running along the ground and stopping to look at me with their prim and almost sort of pompous way.

And mallard duck couples that come out of the water to settle down near me for a rest on terra firma and feel the security of a protective friend...

and to filter out all the mechanical noise of the city to hear that single mockingbird piping out his beautiful songs while stocks are traded, and contracts are signed, and unions bargain, and bills are passed.

I think, at least for now, I'll give up being a part of all those things just so I can catch a chance of Lola looking at me.

Because at the end of the day I think the mockingbird will have the last word... and I want to be there to hear it.

All images above photographed on Tuesday April 22, 2008.