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April 20, 2008

This baby hawk is the same which I found in Strawberry Fields on Friday evening last but neglected to title the shots. Sunday evening's shots were all taken in very poor light (of Lola sitting on her nest), and so I will not post them.

My dear, dear precious friend Lola; I find it difficult to look you straight in the eye like this.

I fooled myself for too long believing that I was special and that I can stand up for you and make things happen for you,

but now the reality of my feeble life is crashing down on me knowing I can do nothing for you.

Last night I walked under the trees along the East Drive looking up through their branches against the glowing sky hoping to find Palemale settling into his nightís perch.

There were so many nights where luckily I managed to find him, so much so that I deceived myself that I had some kind of a special connection and that somehow I was led to him.

But last night I was reminded how mechanical that connection is and I became more aware that my finding him is based on pure physics and guesswork and not anything special.

But Iíll continue to look with my eyes for them, and Iíll continue to listen to the robins and have them lead me to them

and Iíll continue to enjoy that special feeling I get in finding them whether it's from mecahnics rather from magic.

Houston Street pigeons have hatched.

These babies are just as anxious to experience life as any of the hawks we're waiting for.

Riverside Park.

Riverside Park Dad.

Houston Street Mom.

Palemale takes on one of two falcons high over Central Park on Saturday evening.

All images above photographed on Saturday April 19, 2008.