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April 18, 2008

If it was all up to me I would make roses without thorns,

and cherries without pits, and evil would be a thing of the past.

If it was all up to me rocks would be soft and rain would be dry,

and there shall always be a bright sun in the sky.

Children would never get sick and rabbits would never feel fear,

and rivers would be shallow and clear.

If it was up to me seals would lay on their bellies all day, waving and playing...

but they wouldn't ever swim away.

I would brighten the dark side of the moon and even make flowers grow there...

if it was all up to me.

Nothing shall die and no one will cry as I eliminate wheezing and banish sneezing...

and people will laugh until they...listen to their very next funny story.

But what a fat lazy world that would be, boring as ever with no need to be clever, all designed and built by me.

Now you know itís not all up to me and ordinary I shall always be,

so I have to lay by the side and be just satisfied that I can see something so special like this almost everyday.

So then somehow I do still get my wish, in a special kind of way.

All images above photographed on Friday April 18, 2008.