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April 18, 2006

Lola with sky and lots of determination

Pale Male with the GWB

Pale Male perched on The Ship's Stern Building

Maybe the secret to happiness is to set your expectations low, or to even have no expectations at all. Then perhaps you may find yourself in a perpetual state of bliss for the simple gifts of life, like when the ground stays firm beneath your feet, and the air flows smoothly into your lungs. There will always be some reason to celebrate then; for even feeling the warmth of some rays of sunshine on your face, to hear a bird chirp or to catch a raindrop on your fingertip and watch it up close to see it wrap the entire Universe before your eyes.
Regardless of any mishaps and sadness in the world, I feel there will always be something beautiful flying in the open sky, something delightfully mischievous climbing up a tree, and something wonderful swimming in every pond.

Pale Male sits quietly and digests every moment of life the Sun scribes out daily for him and his beloved Lola. Happiness for him appears to be the pleasure in having a good scratch and a stiff wind to hold and carry him over to the Westside and back. It must also be a joy for him sitting on their nest to watch Lola sail over to him and feel the breeze she stirs up on his face when she lands next to him. I make myself believe that they can hear each otherís hearts beating and that the Universe is just one big tree that they are both perched on.
The disappointment that their eggs may not hatch for yet another year causes bitterness in my blood. But to nurture that bitterness will be a transgression for all the years of beauty they brought to me and still bring every time I see or think of them.
So for now I bless the opportunity to still have the firm ground on which to walk over to The Model Sailboat Pond and the clean air to breathe smoothly and to search the rooftops for however long it takes until I see that handsome disruption in the skyline. And I look forward with great delight to lift another small child to my camera to show them the birdie. And when I see their little face light up and they ask me what kind of birdie is that, Iíll look into their tiny clear eyes and say to them,
ďthatís no ordinary birdie, thatís my friend...and my hero too.Ē Then maybe Iíll hold them in my arms a little longer and say to them,
ďhe can be your friend too if you wanted...Ē
I havenít met a kid yet that wouldnít want to have a friend like that.