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April 17, 2009

A first time mother begins sitting on at least one egg today in Woodside, Queens.

Woodside father gets food ready for his mate.

Riverside Park Mom continues to live her beautiful life.

Riverside Park Dad takes his turn sitting Friday morning.

Riverside Park Dad crosses the Westside Highway.

Woodside father stretches.

Woodside father takes food to a comfortable spot for his mate.

Woodside Mom leaves her nest to have some lunch but soon returns to her nest before eating. Perhaps she was insecure about leaving the nest unattended.

Palemale watches over Lola from the Woody building.

Lola continues to sit on her eggs giving them all the love she has.
At those times when I am distracted by the sterile manmade world around me I feel myself slipping away from the magical world of the animals.

It at these unhappy times that I battle a knot I feel in my stomach which tries to convince me that magic does not exist and that the world is at the mercy of the will of my fellow man.

As real and as logical as this appears, I refuse to live in such a world so I quickly dive back into their world and force myself to believe that magic and miracles does exist.

Upon watching a tree getting chopped down or a lawn being manicured I fall below the magic but one look at anyone of their faces and the magic comes back to life.

What else but magic and miracles can make them still exist in our noisy world?

I donít want to takes my eyes off them because I want to be as close to the magic as I can.

All images above photographed on Friday April 17, 2009.