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April 16, 2014

Repair work on the Bridle Path has been completed and the illegally parked CP Precinct cars are back to start their damage again. CP Bridle Path

Wednesday April 16, 2014.

Despite the warning signs posted telling of the third dose of poison applied to the Sheep Meadow Lawn, people still flock onto the lawn even with their young children.

Large organizations like the Central Park Conservancy are confident that the majority of park visitors are numb to the world around them. They know that the average person will not read these signs and look deeper into researching the active and inactive ingredients.

Sunday April 13, 2014: This is how the Central Park Conservancy handled the Male/Female restroom usage...they shut it completely down on Sunday.

Saturday April 12, 2014: The Kerbs Boathouse Café at 74th Street & Fifth Avenue shut down the Men's restroom and is allowing both men and women to use the women restroom.
Very little priority is put into getting both restrooms operational, in fact on my visits I see no effort to have the bathrooms open.
There is absolutely no excuse for not having these very important restrooms repaired in a timely manner. The bottomline is that the Central Park Conservancy simply do not care.

Sometime last year I believe that all the public restrooms went under the care of the Central Park Conservancy--before this maintenance was the responsibility of the Concession owners.
Last year the public restrooms at the Kerbs Boathouse Café remained closed for more than six months while the concession remained open selling food and beverages--no one complained.

There are no safe and sanitary public bathrooms anywhere in Central Park. Those that are reasonably clean, like the Delacorte Theatre facility, are sometimes hit and miss. Some of them may be fine for a man, but just imagine what it's like for a woman with a young female child trying to use this Kerbs restroom and having to share it with strange men with their pants down. This Central Park Conservancy does not care about this, which is a good indication of where their priorities are.
I do not know the law on using opposite sex in NYC but it certainly breaks the unwritten laws of ethics and courtesy.