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April 16, 2010

Lola sitting on her eggs patiently awaiting her long well deserved miracle.

Palemale, taken December 24, 2002.

Somewhere amongst the smoke and fumes and heartless beings a miracle must be wandering.

I stand shameless and bold and demand that wandering miracle to find that most worthy place and give himself to them.

As for myself, let me wither away even before the miracle comes so I could be denied the pleasure of seeing it arrive. But for them let them have it for none else deserve it. For none else but them sat and waited in the most trying weather with never a complaint.

Donít play a heartless game with them for they do not deserve such a cruel hand.

You try to sway my mind to make me fall for giving up to a world that is false and selfish but I stand firm and tell you that world is fleeting and I see it regardless of the pain that tries to tell me different.

Even if I am submerged in the ugliness, I see the patches of beauty breaking though. I see the grass pushing up through the cracks in the road and I see the leaking pipes and the flaking paint but mostly I see the empty human faces which are never able to profit from such ill gains, so I know that miracle is there waiting to reclaim what seems for so long lost.

I see the miracle in the eyes of the pigeons and rats and I see it in the branches of the trees, I even hear it in the wind and I believe!