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April 15, 2006

One great disadvantage of experiencing an image like this in person is that it’ll make it extremely difficult to impress me with any kind of revelation should there be an afterlife.

I am at fault for not providing any daily report which you all deserve. Please know that all looks well but no one can say what is going to happen. I feel selfish for wishing for something that can only come if the Universe sees fit to grant it.

Perhaps the babies of this squirrel carried in Pale Male's talons are sitting alone and hungry in a quiet nest tonight on a tree in the park close to the sidewalk near Fifth Avenue. They too must have a wish that means everything to them—for their mother to come home to them so they could feel her warmth and go to sleep at ease. In each of those baby squirrels is a beating heart and eyes that sees the stars and nose that smells the grass just like we have. The Universe has the thankless job of addressing both their wish and ours.

The carrier will always have a burden, but the carried will have freedom.

All images above photographed on Saturday April 15, 2006 in a beautiful place called New York, NY where a lot of happy things happen