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April 14, 2008

In their world there are no such things as taxes, Presidential Races, and Popes.
Based on previous dates observed, today is a very probable day for the hatching of Palemale & Lola's eggs. I had stopped any sort of countdown to the expected hatching for fear of upsetting some unknown 'luck machine' or something of the sort. But it is foolish to think like that. Palemale & Lola are very healthy and enjoying their lives daily, and that in itself is a precious gift that we should not overlook as we all anxiously await their babies coming into the world.
As we wait and hope and cross fingers and light candles and say prayers and do whatever else to help make this miracle happen, it is a good time to look around the world we expect those little Stinkers to enter and do what we can regardless of how little, to make sure it's fit for them to live.
Little red-tailed hawks are going to be born all over the city very soon regardless of all our destructive and selfish ways. I would ask that we take some of the energy we are generating to focus on Palemale & Lola's nest and use it to make our own neighborhoods clean and ready for them and all the other little lives that are going to entering the world this spring. It's a tough job surely, to stop a person from throwing their cigarette butt on the street for example, but who can tell how this complex world works. Maybe one person's voice, especially a child's, speaking up for something right, can trigger a much, much bigger action that can benefit us all.

Palemale at the edge of Cedar Hill on Monday afternoon.

Still, they pay their dues, govern themselves and must have some kind on natural philosophy to live by.

What a fine example we see daily in Palemale & Lola; enough to drop some of our ways of doing things and take a little pattern in theirs.

Every time I think of all the mistakes I made in my life, or when I think of all the bad decisions I made, and when I saturate myself with regrets and believe I could have done some things in my past differently so I could be in a better situation now--I instantly stop when I set my eyes on them and cringe when I allow myself to realize that one of those wrong decisions previously mentioned could have destroyed this very moment to see these precious faces. So I bless each and every one of my bad decisions!

All images above photographed on Monday April 14, 2008.