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April 1, 2008

A break from singing...

and time for some eating!

All images photographed over the last two weekends.

With such little effort, I watched Palemale lift higher and higher toward the patches of deep blue sky over Central Park until I lost his quiet shape amongst those mysterious bouncing silver particles before my eyes. I found him on and off as I desperately stared high over the Westside for that precious darkened speck which presently must be delighting in the peacefulness so far above the noisy world in which he left me a prisoner.

"That's far enough Pal!" I shouted in my thoughts. "Do come back closer!" I begged silently as if I envied the solace he could so easily obtain.

But soon enough I became conscious of my selfish wishes and urged him to enjoy his freedom and bathe in that light open space so close to the Heavens where only a few like himself are blessed to venture.

I kept my gaze skyward and when I felt the cold wind scrape across my bare face like sharp rusty nails there was a reluctance on my part to shield myself from the discomfort fancying that the pain, if endured long enough, will liberate my heavy stagnant body to fly free like him amongst the clouds.

I wanted to protest the unfairness of the Wind which with one arm took him up into the clouds to experience such certain joy, and with her other arm pressed me down onto the ground so harshly. But the good old Wind must have had a third arm free which lifted if only my heart just as high into the clouds to share, even for a moment or two, the joy he was surely having of being pure and free.

Seal Ditty

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