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April 1, 2007

A budding twig for Lola.

Palemale on another trip to the nest.

This time taking in Lola's lunch.

Lola of to her break which lasted forty five minutes. It seems like 45 minutes is some natural division of the day for them.

Palemale over the MSB Pond.

Mallards landing in the MSB Pond.

Canada geese just after mating in the MSB Pond.

(taken May 30, 2006) Last year children & adults were treated to the delight of watching two dedicated parents bringing up their two babies in Turtle Pond. The cygnets grew up beautifully and healthy even against some tough survival odds.
This summer the Central Park Conservancy plans to employ dogs to chase the Canada geese away. In my opinion the Conservancy should set up benches for people to watch these beautiful animals so we could learn from them how to live peacefully and in tune with the Earth.

If we did take pattern from Canada geese and every other animal including those intelligent and humble rats, then we may have less human parents like this father who thinks nothing of holding his filthy cigarette so close to his innocent child.

Lola on March 27th.

Lola returning to her nest on March 27th.

All images photographed on Sunday April 1, 2007.

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