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April 1, 2006

For the past few weeks, since I visited the Trump Nest mostly on evenings, I have always seen only Charlotte on the nest. Today I realized that she apparently has her breaks and meals much earlier in the day. Today she had a solid two hour lunch break from 10:51AM to 12:51PM.
Charlotte (left) and Pale Male Jr - 12:51PM Saturday April 1, 2006

Charlotte returning from a lunch break - April 1, 2006

Charlotte perched on The ESSEX House sign - April 1, 2006

Pale Male Jr with The Hampshire House behind him. He's coming in to take over nest sitting while Charlotte is on break - 10:51AM Saturday April 1, 2006

Charlotte hopping off The Hampshire House East steeple

Lots of normal activity on Pale Male & Lola's nest today - April 1, 06

Lola is off on a short break - April 1, 06

Two small dark birds landed one after the other and began singing in the London Plane above my head. All I could make out was their sharp dark outline against the bright white clouds. They were chatting as they hopped from one branch to another. My first thought was to attempt to discover what type of bird they were, but right away that had little relevance to me as I felt like I could see their world somehow, and I also believed that I could see how their every note uttered was full of meaningóof which branch to hop next, and which direction to fly off, was so very important and not just some random fluttering.
They were obviously engaged in some business presently to which I tried to imagine how that seemingly insignificant business mattered to the Universe.
Mattered it did indeed--so much so that my own concerns appeared small and hardly worthy of any thought.
I hushed the lesser voices around me and contemplated the two small birdsójust blackened shapes tangled amongst the matted branches they were, but their voices were outstanding and their business imperative.
They carried themselves away beyond my upward gaze but their delightful voices lingered just a bit longer. I believe the stars directed their path and followed their tiny bodies whichever way they went this evening, and the very stars are watching over them as they sleep peacefully in their cozy nook tonight. My wish is that they wake with the sun tomorrow to once again conduct their business with as much passion as they did today.