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April 10, 2013

Bobby Horvath WINORR facility's predicament.
Petition to Save WINORR.

Response so far: "Your comments have been forward to John Venditto, Supervisor of the Town of Oyster Bay 516-624-6350.
Daily calls to the number above keeps getting me to a woman who assures me that Mr Venditto received my message and will return my call as soon as he can.

I applied to Oyster Bay for documents pertaining to the complaints the town received of WINORR via FOIL Request.

Palemale on Wednesday.

Octavia on Wednesday.

Wednesday April 10, 2013.

Well the fireworks went off as planned on Wednesday night. The rain stopped the party speech short but the fireworks exploded from the center of the park despite the storm. I kept watch on the nest and endured the fifteen minutes of hell with the animals. The humans rejoiced throughout the show and I could see then that the whole thing was orchestrated by the Conservancy Board members as a backdrop for their parties from the apartments around. I lost, and they won.
It must be nice to have that kind of power--to take a whole city park away from the real owners and use it as a play thing for wealthy people. But somehow I feel that it will be short-lived. That sort of game canít go on for too long. If it does then I donít want to be around to continue seeing this. Itís not that I canít stand loosing, itís just that I donít want to live in a world where selfish people thrive.
I wonder if I am missing something? Theyíre laughing and having fun and I feel tortured. I really wonder if the years of misery for so many innocent animals are worth the few hours of physical pleasure it gives to just a handful of people. Well seeing that I am outnumbered in this way of thinking and seeing how Nature appears to condone this behavior then perhaps this is just how it's supposed to be.