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April 10, 2009

He was the first beautiful thing I saw on that short long walk westward from Broadway. The walk is short, but so long it appears when I must gasp continually for the sight of one of them to reassure me that the Earth still knows how to do wholesome.

It痴 just a few blocks to get to them but still there are so many unpleasant things along the way that I crave the sight of a pigeon or sparrow to engage my eyes until I reach the river.

I wish I could focus only on the beauty but the garbage on the streets and the balloons caught in the branches of the few struggling trees distract me terribly.

Rows of churches of various varieties are forever in my sight like they are desperate to suck in as many vulnerable souls as they can. Irate drivers, noisy road repairs, smoking pedestrians, helicopters, and worst of all the feeling that I知 late!

It seems that this feeling never goes away--it doesn稚 matter where I am, what I知 doing, or what time it is--I feel as if I知 suffering from some chronic lateness syndrome and the one temporary cure I can always depend on is to fix my gaze on one of them.

So I値l continue to feel that I知 late and that unbearable uneasiness will forever plague me but let it--I値l cope with it, because once I can see their beautiful faces, their flying and their hopping, and climbing and digging I値l believe that I知 on time.

All images above photographed on Thursday April 9, 2009.