Another Phony CP Event.

I do try hard to ignore so many things that bother me and focus on one thing at a time. It’s nice to know that there are a lot of people out there fighting issues like the carriage horse trade and pesticides etc. But I’m always wary of organizations, having firsthand experience with a few of them.

It was the bunch of balloons which steered me to this organization at Central Park on Saturday August 25th 2007. Whenever I see balloons I get irritated. Sure it’s meant to incite cheer, but I see it as harmful garbage--something which is so unnecessary. One would think with our present knowledge about the fragility of the environment Central Park would ban these nasty things just for the local nuisance they create to remove them from the trees, but instead of this Central Park themselves have their own custom designed balloons which they decorate their own events with.

So I walked up to this ‘balloon’ event on Saturday at Heckscher Ballfields to tell someone what I thought of their thoughtless decorations. When I got close to the tents I was just dumb for words when I saw who was running the event.

I never heard about this Conservation International but there they were. I should not be surprised. Flashing through my mind were images and telephone conversations and meetings with the Conservancy to get permission to have this event. “Thank you Mr. Blonsky...we’ll come to your park and teach people to conserve the Earth and we’ll promote the use of paper products and bottled water and over-packaged food.

I asked a young man who was busy putting on Sun-screen on his arms to give me a short sketch about his organization. He most likely assumed that I was from some Media organization so he gave me his rehearsed spiel about how they want to conserve this and protect that.

I asked him where they obtained the materials to print his brochures and make the plastic bottles to hold the water and drinks that they were promoting.

He stared at me lost for words and eventually grinned; “Yes, I guess it is a little contradictory...” he finally blurted out.

”A little, you say?” were my parting words.

The final word.

Danger of balloons