927 Fifth Balcony spikes

Updated May 22, 2011

It's more important now than ever to have the CP Conservancy remove all rodenticides from the entire park. Palemale's hunting will increase now that he has babies to feed which makes the situation more worrisome. The response many of you have been receiving from Neil Calvanese (VP for Operations, CP Conservancy) is all baseless defensive talk.

Rat poison box next to the Boathouse Restaurant still in place on Sunday evening.

Raptors are dying throughout the city as a direct result of the use of rat poisoning. Doug Blonsky, Neil Calvanese and the entire NYC Parks and Recreation are not interested in protecting our wildlife. They are not interested in addressing the real and practical methods of rodent control which is for example eliminating the use of disposable products which retains fragments of food when discarded. There is no time to have arguments with these people since they are known and proven deceivers.

Another very important issue right now is to have the sharp pigeon spikes on the balcony railing just below the nest removed. These railings serve as a resting spot for Palemale when he is taking food to his nest. He needs to rest just before making the final entry to the nest and when he is tired he is forced to land on these lethal spikes.

Palemale forced to land on dangerous spikes under his nest (February 24, 2008)

I spoke to Harold Winters (the owner of the 12th Floor of 927 Fifth Ave) on Saturday who, no surprise, told me he has no control of what the building does.

Palemale forced to land on dangerous spikes under his nest (February 24, 2008)

Brown Harris Stevens must remove these spikes as soon as possible. Removing them can be done with no building permits required and as such, no excuses! The spikes are held in place with nylon cable ties and can be easily reached from the windows of the 12th Floor apartment.

Palemale forced to land on dangerous spikes under his nest (February 24, 2008).

May 26, 2011

These ‘pigeon’ spikes were installed for no other reason than to keep off Palemale and as such to injure him. After seven years it is firm that no one in that building nor its management cares or is repentant for their vile actions in December 2004. Throughout the years since they have all continued to be evil-minded and never did even the smallest thing possible to help these animals. The spikes are a threat to Palemale and Lima and must be removed. The people who can do it is:

Noreen McKenna
770 Lexington Avenue, 4th flr
New York, NY 10065
Phone: 212-508-7200
Fax: 212-508-7300

Workmen of the roof of 927 Fifth Avenue - May 26, 2011.

I have not spoken to McKenna in a few years but I am going to be prepared for their usual lies and excuses.

Palemale is using the building just north of his nest to rest before entering his nest because the more convenient balcony just below his nest is covered with dangerous anti-pigeon spikes.

Dangerous anti-pigeon spike installed on the balcony just below Palemale's nest - May 26th, 2011.

Letter to the Central Park Conservancy asking for the removal of all rodent baiting stations from Central Park.
Please help me to get them to remove all these dangerous and unpredictable poisons from the hunting grounds of Palemale, Lima and all the other animals at risk.

Click here for information to take action to remove rodenticides and also the dangerous spikes on the balcony under Palemale & Lima's nest.

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