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If you remember me, I've recently missed a lot of "The Birds And The Bard"! I've been unable to have my daily 'fix' of Palemale and friends and relatives. So I'm now madly playing catch-up.

I was in hospital much of December. After major surgery, I'm now recuperating (IT'S SO SLOW!!). I will be just fine, better than ever really. But I really missed this community!

Today: surely you and he had a quick trip to Greece?! These pictures -- the colors, THE LIGHT, the brick....Hydra I think. Or Spetsi? Beautiful.

Hello again, hello to ALL you flighted beauties out there (this includes you, Lincoln!)

Kathy, NYC


If I had a million dollars....I would send it to you for all your give us every day! The eagles........soaring through a city! Thank you.... And our couple are mating again.......I join you in hope! Penny ps the calendars are magnificent!!

Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Lincoln:
I actually saw an eagle fish like that in Alaska, where we had bald eagles as plentiful as crows, and it caught a salmon just off our ocean cliff by the house and the fish was so big the eagle couldn't fly away with it, and it actually swam to shore.........I thought you would appreciate this poem I wrote in December along the same lines as the beautiful captions you wrote for his photos. Thanks for making my day, as well as that of so many others of us who treasure your contribution to our lives.

Barbara C. New Harbor, Maine


Hush.... the silence is speaking

Listen... to the stars shine to the moon rise to the sun set

Hear... snow falling on snow wind caressing air rain soaking teardrops

Feel... angel wings nearby heart's desire the path forward

Live... like the first day like the last moment like life depended on it

Love... something everything not nothing

Be... someone everyone not no one

The silence is speaking


Barbara December 14, 2007


Today's postings of the bald eagle soaring & fishing & your very moving, poetic musings are so wonderous!

Janice (was in NYC, now in San Diego)


Lincoln, God Bless You!!! The Eagle photos from your New Hampshire trip are some of the most beautiful Eagle photos have ever seen! Good to see that you had a little spare time from the blah, blah, blah on the "campaign trail" to bear witness to the beauties of that State!

Your friend, Helen (from Woodside, NY)


Those were absolutely some of the most awesome photographs I have seen of a bald eagle.
What can I say other than, thank you so very much for your dedication and for sharing with us.
Following the political beat must be truly torture for you.

May God bless you...


GS Florida


Hello, Lincoln,

Maybe itís not ďworryĒ that you are experiencing. Maybe itís anticipated loss. I have to periodically talk to myself about my knowledge that someday the patriarch Pale Male will die, and my worry or fear about how Iíll feel when that happens. I live in Northern California. I have never seen Pale Male or Lola or any of his sons and grandsons with my own eyes; yet I will be inconsolable when he leaves his earthly body, and I greatly fear that feeling, especially because I know that itís inevitable and unavoidable. So I try to remember to tell myself to enjoy that he is here today, and to remember that his passing will be part of what happens to all of us. Itís hard, though.

Many blessings to you,

Alice C.

Sebastopol, Ca.


It's great to have you back! Thank you for the pictures of the new friendsyou made while you were away. Loved the Iowan stinker, eagle, bunnies andothers, especially the big grey cat from Manchester. He looks very wise andbeautiful. I'm enjoying the baby hawk calendar, my New Year's present to myself.

Happy New Year, Lincoln!

Trudy W.


I really missed my daily sustenance of Pale Male and gang, but these new photos are STUNNING! I love the eagles and I can't believe you saw so many.

Will you be traveling more away from NYC? I know it is hard for you to leave your friends at Central Park, but seeing other parts of the country through your lens is a wonderful gift.

Thank you,

Tiina B.


Thanks for all the recent beautiful shots of the Des Moines and NH birds..... Boy, what patience you have !!!! So many eagles so close together -- I guess hunger is more important than territory.. I am from a small Rhode Island town, and we have a couple of hawks around our home (as we feed our feathered friends for the winter), and sometimes a falcon stops by on our deck. Sometimes the hawks get lucky, but the small birds usually know when they are hanging around, and hide in our property treeline. But your shots are wonderful (from any postings), and some of us really appreciate your endeavors!!

Pam C.
Johnston, RI


That's an amazing photo of the bald eagle with his or her glossy wings. I am so glad you found a stinker also. About the Canada geese not worrying, I looked up on the web, and apparently bald eagles mostly eat fish, although they will occasionally eat something else. Karen


That's an amazing photo of the bald eagle with his or her glossy wings. I am so glad you found a stinker also. About the Canada geese not worrying, I looked up on the web, and apparently bald eagles mostly eat fish, although they will occasionally eat something else.



I've been a daily visitor to you site since the Dec the nest was removed. I'm also a native Iowan (Hawkeye) who now lives in Indiana. I'm thrilled to see the discoveries you've made in DesMoines. Bald eagles gather every winter at the lock and dam on the Mississippi at Davenport, IA. I doubt you'll have any free time for a road trip, but they're there.

Thanks for the photos from "home".

Jeanne Kass